We help entrepreneurs move forward!

We coach while the entrepreneur runs the business

Entrepreneurs Soundboard helps small and medium enterprises

Entrepreneurs Soundboard offers support to entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises. This can be advice to start-ups, or guidance to entrepreneurs who want to grow, innovate, reorganise or transfer. In addition, we assist entrepreneurs who are at risk of bankruptcy. Our mentors volunteer their help and have worked in a variety of sectors and industries and know the challenges of entrepreneurship better than anyone else.
Low cost: only € 200,- for 6 months of soundboarding.
Effective: 6-month soundboarding
Personalised: tailored advice for the entrepreneur
Nearby: mentor in own region
Entrepreneurs Soundboard has no profit motive, all our mentors are volunteers
Expert: expertise, and hands-on experience

Our mentors have knowledge of

starting a business
all aspects of business operations
business succession
preventing bankruptcy
making a business plan
Law and regulations
legal affairs
marketing, sales

Mentoring entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Soundboard has been counselling SME entrepreneurs at every stage of business since 1980

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At business start-up, in all aspects of business operations, in bankruptcy prevention and in business succession.

We do this in a 6-month sounding board process. We match the entrepreneur’s question with the mentor in their own region who is competent in the field. Our mentors are motivated former entrepreneurs and specialists who volunteer their knowledge and practical experience to help entrepreneurs.

""No thick reports, but sparring with the entrepreneur at the kitchen table!""

We help entrepreneurs

  • Low cost: we ask for a donation of € 200,- for 6 months of soundboarding.

  • 6 months mentoring

  • Since 1980, we have helped more than 100.000 entrepreneurs