Working method

A sounding board process especially for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs' Sounding Board Foundation has been helping SME entrepreneurs since 1980. In a 6-month sounding board process, the entrepreneur is personally guided by a mentor from Entrepreneurs Soundboard. Whatever the question, the mentor has expertise and entrepreneurial experience.

Entrepreneurs Soundbosrd offers:

Entrepreneurs Soundboard has been coaching SME entrepreneurs at every stage of business for over 43 years
Six months' coaching
Personal coaching sessions
Relevant knowledge
An experienced sparring partner
A mentor in own region
Low cost, only € 200,- for 6 months of soundboarding
Step 1

Request a sounding board session

The entrepreneur clicks on the ‘Start sounding board process’ button and fills in the form. Within a few days, the team in their own region contacts them.

We then match the question with the mentor who best matches it. In the first conversation, the personal mentor explains the way of working.

Step 2

Entrepreneurs will be connected to a mentor from Entrepreneurs Soundboard.

Together with his mentor, the entrepreneur determines the advisory path and the number of interviews needed in 6 months. Naturally, the entrepreneur’s business information is kept strictly confidential. The informal counselling sessions with Entrepreneurs Soundboard’s mentor can take place at the office, but also at home, in the neighbourhood, online or by phone.

Step 3

The six-month coaching programme will start

During the 6 months, the entrepreneur has as many meetings with the mentor as needed. Whatever the question, the mentor is knowledgeable and has entrepreneurial experience. The entrepreneur can freely exchange thoughts and mirror his or her ideas. The mentor is their sounding board and gives impartial advice.

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"A fresh look at our business got us back on track."

We help entrepreneurs to move forward

  • Costs are low: € 200,- for 6 months of sounding boards

  • Coaching sessions during 6 months with clear goals

  • From former entrepreneur to today's entrepreneur