About Entrepreneurs Soundboard (OKB in Dutch)

Entrepreneurs Soundboard helps entrepreneurs move forward!

Entrepreneurs Soundboard has been guiding SME entrepreneurs at every stage of business since 1980

The Entrepreneurs Soundboard (OKB in Dutch) network consists of motivated mentors with entrepreneurial experience and a professional mindset. They are all former entrepreneurs, managers or specialists with a specific field of expertise. They voluntarily share their expertise with you and provide impartial advice.

This happens in sounding board sessions lasting six months, for which Entrepreneurs Soundboard only asks a minimum donation of 200 euros. We actually help entrepreneurs move forward with the greatest chance of success.

Entrepreneurs Soundboard is here to help entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs starting up, wanting to expand, exploring the market, or looking to improve the organisation, or considering business succession. At every stage and with every aspect of business, entrepreneurs face numerous questions. That’s where Entrepreneurs Soundboard can help. Did you know that we can prevent bankruptcy in 2 out of 3 cases?

Entrepreneurs Soundboard is an independent non-profit voluntary organisation made up of (former) entrepreneurs and business specialists.
The volunteers of Entrepreneurs Soundboard help entrepreneurs throughout the whole of the Netherlands by contributing their expertise, network, knowledge and experience. In addition, Entrepreneurs Soundboard offers a listening ear and thereby takes away potential concerns from entrepreneurs. In doing so, OKB strengthens future-proof and successful entrepreneurship. OKB provides pragmatic customised assistance, with the following guiding principles: empathy, respect, selflessness, expertise and integrity.

Mentors throughout the country

For national coverage, the Entrepreneurs Soundboard organisation is divided into 16 regional teams. Each regional team has an average of 10 to 15 mentors and is led by a regional chairman. Within the team in each region, an entrepreneur is assigned to the mentor who can best help him or her. Mentors can, if necessary, also draw on expertise within the organisation.

  • In operation since 1980
  • 16 regions nationwide
  • 300 experienced mentors
  • At least 2,500 soundboards a year
  • 85% highly satisfied with OKB
  • 66% bankruptcies averted

The head office team

MSc. Frank van Santen
Fred Nessen
Staff Member
Juliëtte Bach
Marketing & Communications Manager
Meta van der Meer
Emmy van Montfoort
Office Manager
Hilde Westenbroek
Hella Hendriks-van den Burg
Marketing Specialist


LL.M. Floris Oskam
Hendrik Kroeze C.A.
Ben van Elk
Eng. Jeroen Overing
Board Member
Sabine Fredriks MSc.
Board Member


Jacco Vonhof
President MKB-Nederland
Aad Ouborg
Owner/director Ouborg Group B.V.
Prof. Dr. Bernard Wientjes
Professor School of Economics, University Utrecht
Carel Paardekooper
Former Regional Chairman OKB-team Rijnland
""A fresh look at our business got us back on the right path.""

Starting a soundboard

  • The entrepreneur undertakes, the mentor guides

  • Six months' mentoring

  • From former entrepreneur to entrepreneur of today