René Portielje

If you are looking for someone with a lot of experience in profiling your business, René is the right person. He started at Van Nelle Coffee and Tea, was marketing manager at Andrélon, and then worked for several international brands of Unilever as marketing manager.

But René also has the necessary experience as an entrepreneur. In fact, at one point he was able to step in when acquiring a company, Dr Van der Hoog. He learned to stand on his own two feet and did so for several years. Then they decided to sell the company to a pharmaceutical company. He continued to work there for a few more years and then, at 63, retired.

When René retired, he soon found that he wanted to continue applying his knowledge. He wanted to actively engage with organisations and companies again, without having to do so 40 hours a week. He joined Entrepreneurs Soundboard. ” What I personally really enjoy is working with the younger generation. They think in a different way. This way I use my time in a fun and useful way. I also like the fact that Entrepreneurs Soundboard is not a commercial company and actually helps small- to medium-sized entrepreneurs.”

Sometimes it is also difficult to give advice. For René, this is actually only difficult when an entrepreneur reports to Entrepreneurs Soundboard too late and the problems are already very big. Then there is sometimes little more that can be done for the entrepreneur.  When an entrepreneur reports, René usually visits the business. He lets people tell their story first and then they look at the future prospects. How bad is it? Emotions often run high. He therefore advises entrepreneurs to seek help in good time when things are not going as well with the business or with you as an entrepreneur.